Nowadays, being able to make video calls is simpler than ever. Although in the case of wanting to do them on our Android phone, we will need an application that facilitates this. The good part is that we have many options available that will give us this possibility. Making being able to make a video call very simple.

Therefore, below we leave you with a selection of applications for Android that allow us to make video calls. A series of options, which you probably know most, but which makes it much easier for us to have video calls with friends and family.

All these applications that we are going to talk about below are available in the Play Store. So it will be very simple for you to download them on your Android phone. What apps have made our list?

Google Duo

Google has its own application designed to facilitate video calls between contacts. Although its popularity is not the highest, it is a good option to consider. It stands out for being the simplest of all the applications in this category that we are going to find. A good design, with a very intuitive interface that will allow any user to use it. We have a function in the application that allows us to see what the other is doing before answering the call.

Downloading this application for Android is free. In addition, as usual, in Google applications, we do not have purchases or ads inside them.


A name that may sound like many of you. Secondly, we find this simple video calling application, which will allow us to be in contact with friends and family in a very comfortable way. With the application, we will be able to have text conversations with people, and also video calls. These are the functions that it offers us. It is not the most complete application, but it has a very clear mission, which is to facilitate video calls. In addition, it is compatible with all types of networks (2G, 3G …) which makes it a good option if you are in a poorly communicated area or with a worse network.

Downloading this application for Android is free. Although we find purchases and advertisements inside it.

Facebook Messenger

One of the most popular applications among Android users to keep in touch with friends and family. Thanks to it we can write chat conversations, make video calls and even play with the person with whom we have a conversation, which makes it so complete. The video experience in the app is good, it makes calls very easy, and the image quality is generally good. If you have an account on the social network, it is a logical step for you to use this application.

Downloading this application for Android is free. Although we find purchases inside it.


In a list like this, the best-known application in the world of video calls could not be missing. Many of you probably have Skype installed on your computer. But, we also have a version available for our Android phone. The operation of this application is the same and it will give us the possibility of being in contact with friends and family. We have written conversations, voice calls, and video calls available in the application. So it makes it easy to get in touch with all of these people.

Downloading this video calling app for Android is free. Although we find advertisements inside it. Fortunately, these are not annoying or invasive ads, so they do not affect the overall experience of the application.


We finish the list with the most popular messaging application among users with Android phones. As you know, with the passage of time, functions have been incorporated into the application, now owned by Facebook. Calls and video calls were introduced in the application. So being in contact with friends is easier than ever thanks to it. The interface of the video calls in the app is simple and comfortable to use, so you will not have any problems when using it. So it can be a good option to consider, especially if you use the application frequently, it is the most direct way to be in contact with friends and family without installing anything new.

Downloading this application for Android is free. Inside it, we do not have purchases or advertisements of any kind.