The 7 Businesses That Will Take Over In 2022

Many people will tell you that the only businesses worth investing in are digital. But this isn’t true. There are a few reasons for this. First, digital businesses take a lot of time and money to get off the ground. Second, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be easy to waste a ton of time and money on platforms that aren’t worth your time. That is why we have tried to have a little fun with this list by focusing on six business opportunities you should give a try. You may also like to read how to get sea pickles in minecraft via

Online gambling

It’s clear that the online gambling industry is a lucrative business and will continue to be so. With online gambling’s significant rise in popularity, it’s shaping up to be one of the largest industries the world has ever seen. It’s an industry that shouldn’t be ignored. There’s plenty of opportunity for those interested in gambling to make a profit. Whether it be through gambling services or through selling goods and services to gamblers. Someone will always win, after all. The licensing procedures for casinos based in curacao means legalization is well under process.

Solar energy

Solar energy is the star of the energy market. The solar energy stocks have been on a tear in recent years. Global solar power capacity has more than quadrupled since 2010. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The solar industry benefited from advancements in technology that have made it cheaper and more efficient. As solar becomes increasingly cost-competitive with other forms of energy. The demand will only increase. The United States alone is expected to add more than 10 GW of solar capacity this year making it the largest annual increase in 40 years.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is stored in the cloud. But, instead of the cloud storing information in one place, it stores it across its entire network. And, with blockchain technology, this means that every computer on the network can access and make changes to that ledger. As a result, blockchain networks can continually update and add records to the ledger without needing to connect with a central server. This makes them decentralized by design. This makes them highly secure from hackers breaching thousands of individual systems for access.

Automated cars

The self-driving car revolution is coming, and it’s going to be huge. All the major car companies are investing in autonomous vehicles — Ford recently announced they will have a fully driverless vehicle on the road by 2021 — and ride-sharing services like Uber have already begun testing their own self-driving cars. With the emergence of self-driving cars, normal people won’t need to worry about owning a car. They’ll just be able to request a ride from an app whenever they need one. This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs who can find ways to leverage the technology.

Humanoid robots

In the coming years, robots are going to be on the rise, infiltrating more growing industries. Humanoid robots are essentially mobile machines that can mimic human behavior or perform tasks on a human scale. There are some humanoid robot prototypes that currently exist, but by 2022 we should see improvements in how realistic these robots look and how precisely they can mirror human behaviors. One humanoid robot example is Sophia from Hanson Robotics. This female robot has been making headlines for her incredible facial expressions and her ability to hold conversations with humans.

Drone delivery service

Fully-automated drone delivery is coming. It’s only a matter of when. Moreover, when it does finally arrive, it will be the most disruptive force in retail since the smartphone. That’s not just because drones make deliveries faster and cheaper, though they do. Drones are also the first technology to truly disrupt the way people shop: With drones, customers near a fulfillment center can order a product after dinner and have it on their doorstep before breakfast. For now, most retailers probably don’t need to worry too much about drone delivery. Hurdles remain a problem.

Currently, these are the businesses and startups that we think will make it big in 2022. They will not necessarily build on today’s trends, but they are the ones that we feel will borrow certain elements along with new technology to see great success. This is without a doubt an ever-changing landscape. No one seems to know what the world will look like in 10 years time. However, for a glimpse at current tendencies, this is our best guess for now. We expect more latest entries to evolve especially with the Covid pandemic.