Best apps for stretching in home as a pro

In this step-by-step guide, I will illustrate the best apps for stretching. Stretching is a very useful activity for what concerns physical exercise and helps to lose weight, as well as to make you feel more relaxed, making your day undoubtedly better. Modern technology nowadays provides various tools to keep physical activity under control and, through the use of the smartphone, you can identify all the ideal apps for stretching. The latter, in addition to being free, undoubtedly improve the quality of both workouts and physical exercises, provided of course, they also combine traditional stretching methods in order to obtain a good result in a short time.

Best apps for stretching

These are the best apps for stretching that you can use from any device:

Stretch Exercises

The first very useful app for stretching is one of the hottest of the moment. This is Stretch Exercises, which continues to enjoy the favor of the international public, ranking among the most downloaded apps. This app is completely free and has one of the most captivating graphics of its “competitors.” This problem is easily circumvented since the excellent graphics allow a perfect understanding of the stretching exercises to be performed without the need to listen to the audio.

Simple Stretching Exercises

The second app that is among the best for stretching is Simple Stretching Exercises. This app is only available for smartphones with an Android operating system and is completely free. Through very simple and intuitive illustrations, each user will be guided through a whole series of exercises to do stretching. There are no particularly original exercises, but the ones that are illustrated are perfect for any pre and post-workout muscle relaxation session.


The third stretching app is one of the best for all the features it offers to users. It is Flexibility. Available for both iOS and Android operating systems, this app offers video tutorials that explain in detail how to perform the stretching exercises. There are also animated demonstrations available which are of great help for beginners. Through the use of Flexibility, you will be able to obtain the ideal shape for your body in a short time, thus also improving the flow of blood circulation. Furthermore, with Flexibility, you can also learn all those techniques inherent to yoga and a dynamic warm-up.


Pilates is also an excellent app for all those who intend to do stretching activities. The latter allows you to carry out the activity without using the figure of the instructor. Through Pilates, you will be able to obtain an excellent result as regards the muscles and also the flexibility of your body. It is recommended to associate an appropriate diet with the use of Pilates in order to lose all the excess kilos in a short time and to be able to strengthen the arm and calf muscles at the same time.

Home Workout

Home Workout is a free stretching app very suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. Using this application, in a short time, it will be possible to strengthen the muscles and keep the body in perfect shape without the need to go to the gym, thus saving the money of the relative subscription. For novice beginners, there are special videos in full HD to be able to learn all the notions inherent in stretching. After viewing them, the user can customize his stretching routine according to his actual needs.

Daily Workouts

Another free application related to stretching is Daily Workouts. It installs in seconds and is also very easy to use, considering that the user will be able to get an exercise session step by step. In Daily Workouts, various exercises with a duration ranging from 5 to 30 minutes are listed for both men and women. There is ample freedom of choice on these exercises according to your needs in terms of the time period. Through a paid option, the user will have the opportunity to take advantage of further stretching exercises with all the related advice.

It is highly recommended to perform stretching activities at fixed times.

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The 10 best apps to watch movies and series for free on Android

Streaming is stealing the spotlight from TV. If a few decades ago it was the television that ate the radio with potatoes -the Buggles already said it in “ Video killed the radio star ” -, now it is streaming that is leaving conventional television closer and closer to irrelevance audiovisual.

Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video are the ones that now move the roost with original productions, The Mandalorian, or 30 Coins. Series that just a few years ago, with a bit of luck, would have been broadcast on TV forever, and surely with much less budget.

The best streaming apps to watch series and movies for free

All this is possible thanks to the paid subscription model with which these platforms work. But there are also services that offer freemium formats with free content that is sustained thanks to ads. It is another business model that seems to be working quite well. Next, we review some of the best apps of this type to watch series and movies for free on Android. Let’s go there!


PLEX started out as a simple media player. Over time it has evolved in such a way that it now also offers live TV through more than 80 channels, as well as movies and series on demand.

The content is quite varied, with reality shows, dramas, children’s series, independent and horror films, documentaries, western films, and action films. All free and without registration. You can download the app or view its content online from the browser.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another of the great players in the world of free streaming. Like PLEX, it works without registration and offers both live broadcasts and series and movies on demand. Either from the browser or using its app for Android, iOS, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

Pluto is available in several countries, where the service was officially launched at the end of last year, with 40 exclusive thematic channels were action movies, science fiction, crime, drama, comedy, and much more (such as MTV shows, sports, and tech shows).

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung has long offered owners of a Smart TV at home the possibility of accessing more than 130 live television channels where movies, series, current affairs, music, and much more are broadcast uninterruptedly.

However, since last September 23, the Samsung TV Plus app is also available for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20. If you have one of these phones you can access all this content for free by installing the Samsung TV Plus app from Google Play or the Galaxy Store.


Microchannel is an initiative launched by AMC Networks to promote the company’s premium TV channels, such as AMC, SundanceTV, Canal Hollywood, XTRM, DARK, or Odyssey, among others. To do this, they offer several series and movies completely free of charge to attract new followers. The catalog is being renewed periodically. Also available via the web from the browser.

Peacock tv

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service. Unlike Netflix or HBO, two subscription models are used here: one paid and one free with ads. If you are looking for higher quality content than in the typical free platform, you will find it here: movies like Matrix, Jurassic Park, and series like Parks and Recreations or Battlestar Galactica.

Tubi TV

Tubi is another free page with a wide variety of quality online movies to watch in streaming and without registration. It has a lot of interesting categories such as “Not on Netflix”, “Only free on Tubi”, Indie movies, cult classics, or Martial Arts. If we don’t know where to start we can always go in and take a look directly at the Most Popular Movies page. It has online access through the browser or through the Android app.


The streaming platform focused on Japanese anime. Here we find series like Hunter x Hunter, Boruto, or Dr. Stone, among many others. Once we have registered with Crunchyroll with a free subscription we will be able to access a large part of their series library, although we will have to endure a few advertisements. There is also a premium plan with notable advantages, such as the broadcast of series at a Japanese rate, the absence of advertising, and a larger catalog of animes. The Android app still has to polish some technical flaws, although the proposal is most interesting.


If yours are soap operas, you can’t miss VIX. This streaming service has hundreds of free movies and series, divided into a dozen thematic channels. From reality shows and documentaries, cartoons, Venezuelan novels, classic Mexican cinema, comedies, dramas, and more. Everything is in Spanish, although there is also a place for the occasional film in the original version (in which case we will see a clarifying label of “Subtitled”).


A classic within free streaming platforms. We will not find premiere films, almost everything is feature films from a few years ago, B movies, action, and dramas, although you always find something interesting or movies with famous Hollywood actors.

Basically, it is a web page to view content online, although it also has an app for Android that we can download comfortably from Google Play (although considering the user ratings, they still have to polish it a bit more to make it run smoothly).

VUDU – HDX Movies

VUDU is a platform where we can buy movies and watch them streaming. Although it also has a fairly large catalog with free movies of various genres. They are not premieres but we can find some other interesting things.

VUDU content has a regional block. So if we access it from Europe we will have to use a VPN connection. We can see the free movies available by accessing from its website or downloading the Android app.


Funimation is a streaming platform that offers anime for free. The service is supported by ads and a premium subscription that eliminates advertising offers simulcast and many other benefits. If you like Japanese animation series like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Dead Man Wonderland, or Tokyo Ghoul, among many others, you should take a look. An app very similar to Crunchyroll, although aimed at the US market.

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5 best camera apps for Android

We are increasingly professionalizing the subject of photography on Android, the arrival of photos in RAW format, powerful algorithms to reduce noise, and focus systems that have little to envy to professional cameras, are giving us a golden age in this regard.

Therefore, today we bring you some of the best camera applications for Android, some paid and others free, but all valid to enjoy taking photos.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the best camera applications for Android, it stands out for its manual modes, which allow us to change the ISO or the shutter speed. If our terminal is compatible it also allows us to take photos in 16-bit RAW format, or shoot up to 1/8000 speed. Its intervalometer is another of its added values, we can even take photos at different exposures with bracketing. It also allows us to measure light in different ways, as in a reflex camera.

Open Camera

Another application that allows us to do everything, we can also tag the photo using GPS and lock the focus, something very useful on a mobile phone. Possibly its consumption of resources is higher than in the case of FV-5, but we will only notice it in phones from a few years ago.

A Better Camera

This application stands out for having a burst mode function that allows us to later combine images to have the perfect shot. Its HDR mode is also a delight, in general, it stands out for having very interesting post-processing.

GIF Camera

GIFs are present in social networks and we consume them more and more despite the fact that it is a format with many years and with a very poor quality, which has allowed its low weight to be used on social networks as images in a funny movement without spending just internet data. With GIF Camera we can record a small sequence and later share it as a GIF.

Manual Camera

Another application very similar to FV-5 or Open camera, in this case, paid and with a very clean interface and probably the best in its segment. Nothing to reproach him, he offers us everything and his reflex-type roulette in the lower corner has us in love.

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11 best alternatives to Zoom for Android

Zoom is the most popular currently, but it is not the only app with which you can make online video calls on Android. These are the best alternatives!

Video calling apps like Zoom or Houseparty are all the rage. In just a few months, they have seen their user base skyrocket from one moment to the next due to the situation that the planet as a whole was going through.

But neither Zoom nor Houseparty is perfect apps. On the one hand, we have Houseparty, accused of violating the privacy of its users, which has led many to delete their accounts from the platform.

On the other is Zoom, criticized for the lack of security of its video calls. If you are a user of this platform and you prefer not to continue using it to protect your privacy, we propose the 11 best secure alternatives to Zoom that you can use to make video calls.

Best alternatives to Zoom for Android

  1. Skype
  2. Jitsi Meet
  3. Discord
  4. Cisco Webex Meetings
  5. Microsoft Teams
  6. Facebook Messenger Rooms
  7. Google Meet
  8. Google Duo
  9. GoToMeeting
  10. Slack
  11. WhatsApp

There is life beyond Zoom, a very popular platform that has experienced severe security crises in recent times. If you no longer trust this service, you can try other secure alternatives to Zoom that also pack great features. These are the best:


The mythical service to make video calls now resurfaces strongly to establish itself as one of the best alternatives to Zoom for free.

Skype lets you make group video calls with up to 24 participants for free in high definition, so you can easily see other people.

Among the functions of Skype, the possibility of blurring the background of your image, the recording of video calls, or the shared screen to show your presentations to the rest of the participants.

All of this with maximum security, as Skype uses comprehensive industry-standard encryption to protect your conversations.

Jitsi Meet

It is a much less known platform than the previous one, but one that may surprise you when making video calls. Jitsi Meet is a good alternative to Zoom by allowing video conferences without user limits – it depends on the power of your server – and without the need to register for an account to participate.

Video calls can be public or private, the latter being protected with a password that you configure yourself. Jitsi Meet, an open-source platform, also secures high-definition video in video calls that are encrypted to protect your privacy.


Although it is a platform for “gamers”, Discord has become one of the best apps for making free group video calls, whether you like video games or not.

The main reason is that it allows video calls of up to 50 people for free, both in its mobile version and in its desktop version.

As in other alternatives mentioned, in Discord, you can share a screen so that other users can see what you are doing. In short, Discord is a free, easy-to-use alternative that allows video calls with up to 50 participants. In addition, it is part of our selection of essential apps for teleworking.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Another less-known secure alternative to Zoom is Cisco Webex Meetings, which has been around since the 1990s. When it was bought by Cisco in 2007, it received a boost that specialized it in business video calling. However, Cisco Webex offers a free version that has increased its functionality to facilitate contact with users during these weeks of confinement due to the coronavirus.

With this free feature extension, you can use Cisco Webex to make video calls with up to 100 participants with no time limits. Before the pandemic, free video calls could be with a maximum of 50 people for 40 minutes.

Microsoft Teams

The platform for companies Microsoft is another very good option for free video calls from any device.

To do this, of course, you need to be part of a Microsoft Teams workgroup or to be invited to a meeting held through this application, something that in Zoom is not necessary.

However, if you already use Microsoft Teams in your workplace or study, it is very likely that using this application as an alternative to Zoom is a good idea, especially since it is loaded with functions and tools that will improve your experience and that of the rest of participants.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Of course, Facebook also has its own alternative to Zoom. This is Messenger Rooms, a video calling platform that allows meetings and video conferences with up to 50 participants at the same time.

It has functions similar to those of Zoom, such as the possibility of changing the background of video calls or sharing our screen with other people.

One of the advantages of this application is the fact that it is directly integrated into WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger so that it is possible to start video calls or join them from any platform.

Google Meet

There are better platforms than Zoom for making video calls, and Google Meet is one of them. The Google service, which managed to double its user base in just two months, has all the functions we might need from a video calling app.

It is one intended for both personal and professional use in a similar way to Zoom, and stands out for being totally safe, in addition to offering all its functions for free to users.

An interesting feature is a fact that Meet is directly integrated into the Gmail app for mobiles or computers. Although, if you want, you can easily disable this option.

By the way, if you teach classes and are looking for a new platform to teach them online, Google Meet serves as a good alternative to Zoom to teach classes thanks to the ease of creating and joining meetings.

Google Duo

We finish this compilation of best safe alternatives to Zoom with Duo, Google’s other service for making high-quality video calls that, sooner or later, could merge with Google Meet.

With mobile applications and web versions, Duo allows video calls with a limit of 8 participants regardless of the operating system of your devices.

Although the number of participants is not as large as in other alternatives, Google Duo defends this lack with functions such as the use of filters during video calls, a dark mode that illuminates your image in a quite spectacular way even if you are in a place with low light. and a saving mode that reduces data usage during calls.

Another advantage is that Duo is an app that allows you to make video calls totally free, without any type of payment, purchase, or subscription.


Another application to make video calls with your Android is GoToMeeting, focused especially on the professional field. From any device, be it mobile or tablet, you can organize meetings with video calls in which you can also share a screen to show other content on your mobile.

You can also give up the starring role so that other users take the floor during the video call, as well as easily join meetings created by other people. By the way, when a meeting is about to start, GoToMeeting will send you a notification to let you know.


Slack is one of the most important collaborative work and corporate messaging platforms of the moment, even more so after the purchase by Salesforce. As a good service focused on the professional sector, this platform does not lack an Android application with an integrated video calling function.

With Slack, you can make a call with any member of your team, as well as the entire group. Without a doubt, if you need a platform for communication in your company, Slack is one of the best options that you can trust.


Few presentations we have to make at this point of WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging platform on the planet. As we all know, its Android application includes the ability to make video calls with up to 8 people, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Zoom.

Although the maximum number of participants is limited, WhatsApp is an interesting option for when you need to make quick video calls without the need for advanced functions.

What is the best alternative to Zoom in 2021?

In our opinion, Google Meet is the best alternative to Zoom out there in 2021. Google’s meeting and video calling app has improved dramatically over the past few months with a host of features and enhancements.

It is also a totally free option that anyone can use safely, and without having to log in or have an account. For all these reasons, Google Meet is our favorite video calling app.

How to scan a document with your mobile

We bring you an article to explain how to scan one or more documents with your mobile so that you have them digitized and can save them on your computer or a cloud. It is a method with which to avoid that an important document is misplaced, and that can help you to have notes, receipts, or even books occupying the minimum space.

We are going to start the article with a list of the 7 best applications to scan your documents. Then, we will explain the whole process step by step with two of these applications, so that you not only have alternatives but also know how to use the main ones.

7 best apps to scan your documents

We are going to start with a small collection of applications with which you can turn your mobile into a scanner. We bring it to you in a list format, with a description of each of the applications and links so that you can download them directly to your Android or iOS device.


What it is and how to use it to sign documents with your digital certificate

Abby FineScanner:

We are going to start with an application that is not as well known, but more advanced than many of the ones you are going to see on today’s list. It allows you to scan printed and handwritten texts with your mobile, and save them in up to 12 file formats. Use character recognition to scan documents in nearly 200 languages. It has applications for Android and iOS.

Adobe Scan:

An application created by Adobe and that integrates seamlessly with all its other tools. It allows you to scan notes, documents of all kinds, and even images to convert them into PDF. It’s free, easy to use and even allows you to rearrange the pages if you scan more than one. It has applications for Android and iOS.


One of the most complete applications that exist to scan documents using your mobile, and which is also complemented by other options such as the one to pass the scan to text. It has applications for Android and iOS.

Genius Scan:

A document scanning application that offers a simple free version not very different from the others, but if you buy its paid version, it integrates with a large number of clouds, including Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote or even FTP systems. It has applications for Android and iOS.

Google Drive:

It is Google’s cloud storage service, but whose mobile application also has a function to digitize documents. You will save them in PDF format, and they are stored directly in Google Drive. If you have a Google account, even a free one to use Gmail and little else, it can be useful. It has applications for Android and iOS.

Office Lens:

Microsoft’s alternative to be able to digitize any type of document. When you scan something with this application, you can choose to save the file in your mobile gallery, put it in the OneDrive cloud or use any Office application. It has applications for Android and iOS.


And we end up with another quite complete application, which is free. It offers options such as different folders to organize yourself better, smart name suggestions, and the possibility of synchronizing your documents with various cloud storage systems, including iCloud. It can also recognize text in 60 languages. However, it has a negative point that you should know, and that is that the free version is quite limited, and prioritizes its best options over the paid ones. It has applications for Android and iOS.