Best apps for stretching in home as a pro

In this step-by-step guide, I will illustrate the best apps for stretching. Stretching is a very useful activity for what concerns physical exercise and helps to lose weight, as well as to make you feel more relaxed, making your day undoubtedly better. Modern technology nowadays provides various tools to keep physical activity under control and, through the use of the smartphone, you can identify all the ideal apps for stretching. The latter, in addition to being free, undoubtedly improve the quality of both workouts and physical exercises, provided of course, they also combine traditional stretching methods in order to obtain a good result in a short time.

Best apps for stretching

These are the best apps for stretching that you can use from any device:

Stretch Exercises

The first very useful app for stretching is one of the hottest of the moment. This is Stretch Exercises, which continues to enjoy the favor of the international public, ranking among the most downloaded apps. This app is completely free and has one of the most captivating graphics of its “competitors.” This problem is easily circumvented since the excellent graphics allow a perfect understanding of the stretching exercises to be performed without the need to listen to the audio.

Simple Stretching Exercises

The second app that is among the best for stretching is Simple Stretching Exercises. This app is only available for smartphones with an Android operating system and is completely free. Through very simple and intuitive illustrations, each user will be guided through a whole series of exercises to do stretching. There are no particularly original exercises, but the ones that are illustrated are perfect for any pre and post-workout muscle relaxation session.


The third stretching app is one of the best for all the features it offers to users. It is Flexibility. Available for both iOS and Android operating systems, this app offers video tutorials that explain in detail how to perform the stretching exercises. There are also animated demonstrations available which are of great help for beginners. Through the use of Flexibility, you will be able to obtain the ideal shape for your body in a short time, thus also improving the flow of blood circulation. Furthermore, with Flexibility, you can also learn all those techniques inherent to yoga and a dynamic warm-up.


Pilates is also an excellent app for all those who intend to do stretching activities. The latter allows you to carry out the activity without using the figure of the instructor. Through Pilates, you will be able to obtain an excellent result as regards the muscles and also the flexibility of your body. It is recommended to associate an appropriate diet with the use of Pilates in order to lose all the excess kilos in a short time and to be able to strengthen the arm and calf muscles at the same time.

Home Workout

Home Workout is a free stretching app very suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. Using this application, in a short time, it will be possible to strengthen the muscles and keep the body in perfect shape without the need to go to the gym, thus saving the money of the relative subscription. For novice beginners, there are special videos in full HD to be able to learn all the notions inherent in stretching. After viewing them, the user can customize his stretching routine according to his actual needs.

Daily Workouts

Another free application related to stretching is Daily Workouts. It installs in seconds and is also very easy to use, considering that the user will be able to get an exercise session step by step. In Daily Workouts, various exercises with a duration ranging from 5 to 30 minutes are listed for both men and women. There is ample freedom of choice on these exercises according to your needs in terms of the time period. Through a paid option, the user will have the opportunity to take advantage of further stretching exercises with all the related advice.

It is highly recommended to perform stretching activities at fixed times.

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