10 useful apps to make everyday life easier

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways thanks to various applications that give us the best options to have our home more organized and to be more productive. Here we present the 10 useful apps that you cannot miss on your mobile and will help you organize those daily tasks that overwhelm us so much. These Apps go from when I cook today to where to do the shopping and more….

Today we wake up every morning with the concern of the duties we have at home, plus the pending things at work, taking the children to school, going out with friends, and taking time for romance, as well as keeping the house in order.

Out of milk

It allows you to make a shopping list with details such as prices, units, and places to go to buy. Also, you can make and manage the list from the browser. You can also create a separate list with an inventory of the things you already have at home.  It works on iOS, Android, and directly in your browser.

Money Manager

best useful apps

The control of our costs is essential to know what money we are going for and to keep track of income. What better way to keep everything organized than on our mobile devices. Money is an application that allows us to control daily expenses and income, but its main objective is that these records can be done very easily and in just a few seconds.

Jeep My

For those days where work is too much, there is no better option than someone to help us with the housework. Jeep My! is an innovative application that offers the contracting of cleaning services from the comfort of your smartphone or computer.


For damages and heavier jobs, there is Iguanafix, an application that offers professional carpentry, plumbing, waterproofing, flooring services, among others. You can choose the day and time you will be available to receive perfectly trained personnel to fix your problem. It has a six-month guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the result, they will send you to another professional at no extra cost. As simple as ordering a taxi.

Family Team

If you have a hard time getting the whole family to be part of the housework, this application can help you change that. With it, you can make even the smallest of the house collaborate with the maintenance of cleanliness and order. You will be able to divide the activities and each member of the family will be able to add points according to the number of tasks that they have carried out; and according to the points they have, they will receive a reward.

Whether it is to make purchases or fix a defect, these applications can be very useful, in addition to guaranteeing the service and giving you confidence. Technology has become part of our life and it is best to use it to our advantage.


If you are one of those who forget things easily, this application will be very helpful for you. With Wunderlist you can make lists of all the important things since it works as a reminder. Additionally, we can create notifications, add notes to each of our lists and share them in a personalized way.


This application is an excellent option for those women who prefer to exercise from home due to lack of time. As the name implies, it only takes seven minutes to perform a routine that will help you tone your body. It has a dynamic similar to that of a video game: you have three lives, represented by a heart, if you miss training one day, you will lose one life, but if you skip more than 3 exercises in a month, your progress restarts.

Where do I buy it?

Find prices and offers for the products you need without leaving home? Yes, with this application it is possible, since it puts at your disposal the catalogs of the main chains and brands in the commercial field, from food, electronics, or the world of fashion. It helps you locate where you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

Houzz, decoration for your home

If you want to seek inspiration to remodel your house, this option is undoubtedly very useful for you. Filter photos by style, space, and location and save them to your virtual idea book for easy access whenever you want. Houzz connects with more than a million architecture and design experts to help you create the ideal space for you.

What am I cooking today?

What am I cooking today? It is an ideal virtual recipe search engine for those who do not have time to plan daily meals at home. It has more than 3,000 simple recipes with images and videos included, available offline. It has the advantage of having the screen always on so as not to stain the iPhone or iPad while you cook, as well as the possibility of sharing cooking recipes through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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