Top seven free video editing apps on Android

Nowadays, quality audiovisual creation is fundamental, especially if we talk about social networks, which are increasingly oriented towards favoring this type of content, largely influenced by the success of Instagram. It is clear that being able to edit video in a cheap and simple way, but with quality, is something very useful either for your leisure time or in your professional day-to-day. Therefore, we have compiled for you the 7 best free video editing apps.

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popular video editing apps

This application, available for both Android and iOS, is undoubtedly the most popular of all. And believe us, it is justified. It is an all-terrain tool since it has a multitude of features that allow you to have a small video editing studio on your mobile device. Easy to use and super intuitive, with it you can edit videos, make montages with photos and music, add transitions, filters and you can choose from more than 200 effects


A very complete tool that stands out mainly for being multitrack, for having high video quality, and for a very accessible interface. Available for Android and Apple, the free version is quite complete so it is not necessary to purchase the professional versions.


It could not be missing from our collection of the best free video editing apps, one that is made to create content on the social network par excellence today, Instagram. This video editor was created to make quality videos for this social network, although it has evolved over time and has become a fairly complete tool. Even so, if you only want an editor to upload videos to your Insta, this will be your best option. Of course, it is exclusive to iOS.


We present to you, in case you did not know, the official application to edit videos created with your GoPro camera. Easy to use and quick to edit, it has a multitude of specific features for this type of video, from special transitions, exclusive music, and adapted filters. The best option is if you are a regular GoPro user.


If what you need is to create a video based on photos that you have on your device, Animoto is your best option, since in 5 minutes you will have everything done. With plenty of formats available, the app lets you add music, animations, and filters to make your creations look great.


This application, official from Apple, is very professional. So much so that it has already been used for filming movies and shorts all over the world. It allows you to record, edit, modify and improve videos, also incorporating special recording filters. Another outstanding feature is the tool to create high-definition trailers with little effort.


Magisto is completely different from all the applications that we have shown you before. Why? Because it edits the videos automatically. How it sounds. Thanks to its AI, which analyzes your videos, it manages to make an edition, in many cases perfect, and in other cases, you will only have to make small modifications. It’s the perfect option if you don’t want to give your videos a personal touch, just want them to be done as quickly as possible.

Audiovisual editing is not only used to create videos. This profession has many opportunities in different professional fields, from traditional television, film, and radio, to others such as teaching, advertising and marketing, and even video games or application creation.

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