8 essential travel apps that will make your life easier

Many people like to travel, but it is not always easy to plan a trip. Or be clear when you are in a country or a city you do not know. Fortunately, technology offers us more and more possibilities to manage our itinerary and access information about the place we are visiting. There are some travel apps that can make your travel easier.

travel apps make travel easier

Google Trips

Among the latest travel apps, this is  to hit the market is Google Trips and is intended to be your “personalized pocket tour guide.”

This is very useful when you are traveling and want to avoid roaming charges from spoiling your vacation.

Of course, you must bear in mind that Google Trips uses the information from your Gmail account, so it is necessary to have one to be able to use it.

Then it makes all that information available to you in one place.

It also allows you to create an itinerary to your liking or does it directly for you.

It is only available in English.


It contains some 385 million opinions and reviews from other travelers around the world.

The app allows you to make hotel reservations directly from its platform, something that does not happen with other applications.

Although many people think of TripAdvisor as a reservation-only app, it actually contains a lot of information about popular attractions, hotels, shops, and much more.

It is available in Spanish.


TripIt is an important travel apps to manage itineraries.

Although if you prefer, you can link your email with the app and it imports your travel plans itself, without the need to forward emails, although it only works with Gmail, Outlook.com, or Yahoo Mail.

Then it allows you to consult it from any platform and even if you are not connected to the internet.

The app has three versions: one free, another without ads for US $ 0.99, and another that costs the US $ 49 a year, with which you can locate flights.

“The app receives a lot of praise because it is easy to use and helps you keep tons of valuable information in one place,” wrote the application on the specialist website Cnet.

It is optimized for English, but you can also read confirmation emails in Spanish if they come from one of the major providers.


This free travel apps also work without an internet connection and give you personalized suggestions on places and things to do, just like a travel guide.

The app analyzes the reviews available on the internet to arrive at its recommendations.

An interesting feature is that the app shows you where you are even if you don’t have a connection and it can also calculate the route to the place you have chosen.


This application helps you control your expenses and save the invoices for your entire trip.

It is very useful especially for business trips since it makes it easy for you to store your expenses to later present the reports in the office.


It is the most complete app to calculate your routes by public transport easily. And quickly since it indicates the departure times and delays in real-time.

It is available for around 30 cities, most of them in Europe. But also for Los Angeles, Tokyo, or Sydney, for example. With it, you can see the nearest metro lines or bus stops. Define your route, even if you want to do it by bicycle. Or save the hotel address to be able to get directions quickly.

In addition, all saved trips preserve the information so that you can access them even without a connection. Which is very practical to avoid wasting data.

And since saved trips are synced between devices, you can plan a route in advance on the web. And once saved, it will automatically appear on your phone.


This app helps you find places of interest that are close to you, such as museums or parks, as well as places to eat and shop.

Their database is very large, which is a bonus.

It is available in Spanish.

Google Translate

Another essential travel apps help you translate up to 80 languages, including Spanish. With Google Translate you can write or pronounce a sentence and the app sends you the translation.

For iPhone users, there is also the iTranslate app, with which you can communicate in real-time with your interlocutor.

The app allows you to translate text or web pages. Start voice conversations or search for words, meanings. And even verb conjugations in more than 90 languages.

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