The seven best applications to exercise at home

Whether you exercise at home or go to one of snap Fitness’s 24-hour gyms, you may need motivation, monitoring, and guidance.

Here are the 5 best applications for exercising. All of them are free and have features that can even be complementary. Which ones are you going to download?


Best applications for sports

Runtastic is one of the best applications for sports. It is a personal trainer that even motivates you with your voice and monitors all your results in detail.

It has GPS, so it’s ideal for running, cycling, or hiking. If you like the free version, for 4.99 euros you can enjoy the Premium version, which even designs personalized workouts for you.

My Fitness Pal

If your intention is to count calories effectively, My Fitness Pal is the exercise app you are looking for. With a database of more than 5 million foods from around the world, you can closely monitor your diet.

As a differential fact with respect to other apps, in this one, you can scan the barcode to obtain all the nutritional information of what you have in your hands.

7-minute workout

The developers of this application claim that it is possible to get in shape if you do high-intensity training for 7 minutes every day. Squats, sit-ups, triceps push-ups, leg raises… all compressed and almost non-stop. They won’t take up much of your time, but remember that it’s very important to warm up and stretch before and after you’ve worked hard.

30 Day Sports Challenge

Looking to get results in 30 days? Whether it’s to get into a dress for a special occasion, to look great in your vacation photos on the coast, or to start your gym routine strong, the 30 Day Sports Challenge app allows you to create plans for an entire month. Depending on your physical condition and the goals you want to achieve, the plan will vary.


When you don’t have much knowledge about physical training there is a risk of getting stuck and ending up hating yourself with the same exercises.

With JEFIT this is going to change since it has more than 1,300 different exercises with animations that explain how to carry them out correctly. The app logs your workouts to show you your progress and makes weekly plans based on your goals.

Best Fit Pro

With Best Fit Pro, you decide how you train by choosing your goal, training frequency, duration, the method you want to use, split, and more. This application works like a personal trainer that will guide you in your process and will assign you the appropriate exercises to work with different parts of the body.

Gain muscle mass, burn fat, increase strength or improve your fitness, whatever your goal, through the app’s algorithm, you will have the best workouts and tips to achieve it. Complete challenges and track your progress, all in one free app.

Fitness And Bodybuilding

This is one of the best applications for gyms available on Google Play. It is very simple but it is still very complete. It offers you more than 150 simple but effective exercises for positive training according to each muscle group. It has a detailed guide for you to correctly develop each exercise in the gym or at home.

Learn how to exercise your body, train your abs, do chest, shoulder, and back exercises, routines to train your legs, and more. An application that is worth trying and that you will surely want to use all the time.

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