Technology in health and its impact on the lives of patient

Do you know how many people benefit from technology in health? The answer is simple: all of them. Any individual with access to services of this nature takes advantage of its application.

We are not referring only to the cases in which said technology helps in the development of medicines. Science and engineering develop solutions for all areas of the health sector. detection and diagnosis; treatment, control, and monitoring.

The positive impact of the use of technology on health is indisputable. This benefits all the actors in the process. From patients, who can get results faster, to lab technicians, whose work is more precise. In this post, we explain the greatest benefits that this brings.

Main benefits of technology in health

Technology in health and its impact

Listing all the benefits of technology in health would be an endless exercise. They are countless. This is because innovation is paramount in the development of medical techniques and procedures. However, we can point out, in general terms, some of the most important.

Most effective treatments

Among the main benefits of technology in health is the greater effectiveness of treatments. Not only in reference to the use of medicines, but also in the development of equipment that can be part of recovery.

These advances include a wide range of devices; from hemodialysis machines, through insulin pumps, to simpler equipment such as blood administration sets. These are technologies that are benefiting all patients every day.

Fast and accurate analysis

Technology in health not only has an impact on treatments. The development of new techniques and processes also greatly improves the detection of known diseases, as well as unknown ones emerging around the world.

There are today, hundreds of procedures, each of which uses equipment designed and perfected over time to obtain more accurate diagnoses. Where the speed to get them can make a big difference.

We are experiencing a clear example of this enormous benefit of health technology during the COVID-19 situation. A case in which solutions already exist, such as Abbott’s ID NOW, allows the disease to be ruled out in less than 15 minutes once the corresponding test has been carried out.

Easy monitoring and control

A part of medicine that represented a barrier for years was the monitoring and control stage. A hectic pace of life makes it difficult for a patient to make an appointment at the right time or keep a proper record of certain values.

This extends even to hospitals and clinics. Keeping track of a patient’s history, especially in cases involving multiple specialists, can be a tricky exercise. However, the application of technology in health has given rise to many improvements in this aspect:

  • There are portable devices that allow patients to record and keep under control any value. Among the best known are those designed for monitoring blood glucose.
  • Thanks to health technology, it is possible for a specialist to monitor a given patient remotely. This is especially useful in cases of heart disease, where early detection can save a life.
  • This same reality is transferred to the management of medical records. Its digitalization allows more efficient management, even between different health centers.

Another important advance in health technology is telemedicine. A practice that has been implemented progressively for years. Since the onset of the pandemic, it has become the safest way to treat patients, avoiding their unnecessary exposure to high-risk environments.

It is indisputable that technology in health is essential. The benefits it brings, historically and for the future, are a guarantee of a better future. We will have more efficient health systems and people with a longer life expectancy. So why not trust its benefits?

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