Best scanning app for android

There are times when users need to scan a document but do not have a conventional printer or scanner to do so. This problem can be solved using a notes app to write down everything that appears in a document. However, users also have an easier option: scan the document from a phone. There are many specific applications for users to scan a document’s content through a photo and then convert it to text rendering formats such as PDF, Doc, or Docx.

These are some of the best scanning apps for android:

Tiny Scanner

This app is capable of digitizing documents or images quickly and easily. Users can send the documents to their computer if their terminal is connected to the same WiFi network. On the other hand, it allows you to adjust the color, the grayscale, transform the document to black and white, improve the texts’ quality, and even adjust the size of the pages for PDF. It is available for Android.


This is one of the most downloaded scanner apps and is available in more than 200 countries. Users, as in the previous one, can use their smartphone camera to capture a document. The application recognizes the edges and trims them. It also has optical character recognition; that is, it extracts text from an image so that users can edit it. Convert files to PDF and JPEG. It is available for Android.


We come to one of the new contenders, who also comes from a Spanish company of notebooks and notebooks. Notebloc has several options. We find edge detection, perspective correction, and reflections and the option of using images that we have stored on our device. We highlight the possibility of cleaning images that contain grids. A great option, which is also free.


This application allows you to scan high-quality images to convert them, especially, to PDF format. The application has functions to share the file to platforms such as Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Also, it has tools to automatically detect the edges of a document in an image and crop it. It has different options for color mode and automatic optimization to improve the quality of the file. It is available for Android.

Adobe Scan

This application allows users to scan any document and convert it to PDF format. The app has tools that allow you to eliminate imperfections, remove marks or wrinkles that appear on paper, or perfect documents that have been written by hand. It is available for Android.

PDF Scanner: Document Scanner + Free OCR

The next app on how to scan documents with Android that I recommend is PDF Scanner, suitable for scanning paper documents and converting them into high-quality PDF digital documents. Automatically upload them to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, EverNote, and others, all free and without limits.

To use PDF Scanner from your smartphone or tablet, start the Google Play Store, then from the search lens, type PDF Scanner, and tap the “Install” button to install the app. In the end, select the Open button to start the first application screen.

From the first screen, scanning documents is very simple. You have to place the document on a plane, then with your smartphone or tablet center it with the camera and tap on the round button you see positioned below the center, then wait a few seconds and then select the button. You have seen to save the digital document in the mobile device memory.

Microsoft Office Lens

It is another of the best-known scanner apps and, unlike the previous ones, it is not only limited to PDF or JPEG formats. Being owned by Microsoft, users can generate documents in Word or PowerPoint. It also has the traditional edge recognition and cropping tools. Also, it offers the possibility of cleaning reflections or reducing shadows. It is available for Android.


In first place among the best apps to scan barcodes and QR codes, we certainly find TDox, the Low-Code platform with which you can create, with a few clicks, your App to better manage your work on the move. Product traceability, inventory, loading-unloading, work reports: there are many areas of application of TDox and in which you can scan your item directly from the App. It allows you to acquire advanced data such as photos, GPS coordinates, digital signatures, and much more.

The data collected is transformed into PDF and the office is updated in real-time on the activities completed and on the data entered in the field by the operator. It can be easily integrated with all company software. Many connectors are ready to use.


It is an App made, especially for inventories. For example, it allows you to:

  • Use photos, tags, notes, prices, QR labels, or barcodes related to your items;
  • Customize your lists and track details, all within the App;
  • Import or export data from the App to PDF or Dropbox;
  • Save, share, or print your data and synchronize it between devices.

It works on Android devices, offers a free basic version and a more complete paid version, but it is not optimized to be used in connection failure. On the contrary, instead of TDox, which also works offline without any interruption of work, it remains at the top of the best scanning app for android on the market.