The world’s most successful brands have on thing in common. It is large number Instagram followers. Every brand operates in its own way to increase its followers. There are over 800 million Instagram users and all sorts of organizations are turning towards to increase the reach of the business. Use this Instagram buy followers guide to bring in large number of followers.

Use of Instagram tools

There are various applications that work towards increasing the number of followers. It includes some like social drift, viral upgrade, viral race, etc. While selecting these tools make sure if they offer the following:

  1. The tools should be capable to engage the target audience through likes, comments and follows
  2. They should automatically reach to the customers, turn their diversion towards the new brand or product being launched. It can do this using videos, stories, or other features of Instagram
  3. The tools should also be able to attract influencers looking to use social proof to reach the product page faster.

Instagram competition

One can announce competition among the customers. For instance, if the product is related to gym accessory, announce a contest on body building. Encourage the contestants to post images along with the product page by increasing their participatory level. Announce winners and prizes.

Instagram ads

Use Instagram ads to increase the reach of the products. Ads provide unique opportunities to gain access to a specific group of Instagram users.


Use a trending hashtag. If the hashtag is branded it will also help to increase the brand reach. Use hashtag to draw attention of target audience.

Content formats

Use the varied types of contents. One can speak through photos. Tell stories about the product through pictures. They can also include videos. A good content always helps to bring new followers. It also helps to engage the existing followers.

Instagram analytics tool

Along with promotion one side, it is essential to learn the feedback to make sure if the strategy is working. In order to learn this, use an Instagram analytics tool. It helps to learn the growth of followers. It also helps to double things that are working the best.

Use Instagram Business account

There are two types of account on Instagram. They are personal account and business account. Through business accounts, one can allow customers to directly call to the company. It has more flexible options like adding official links to the profile, boost posts through ads, etc.

Instagram sorting system

It is a new algorithm introduced by Instagram that allows the creators to not only learn about those who have viewed the stories, but also learn about those who are interested in the content. It uses variety of factors like post engagement, post location, timeliness to draw attention of related customers who might be interested in the product.

Feedback from target audience

Send direct messages to the followers who are highly engaged. This helps to acquire fast and meaning feedback to optimize the strategy to move forward.

Use Instagram metrics

Instagram has inbuilt metric to count on the number of page visits, to count on the followers’ followers who are interested on the product, number of comments, number of shares, likes, etc. Apart from this there are also private party tools to measure these parameters.

Regular content

Content with high engagement helps to attract new followers. But in order to keep them happy continually, one has to update new content regularly. This way the acquired followers stay for longer period of time.

Instagram trends

Make sure the content, video, posts and new happening on the Instagram related to the product adopts top trending habits. One can learn the top trends from the popular accounts on Instagram. These are the ones that set the trends.

Optimize share timing and frequency

Marketers can optimize the number of posts shared per week using third party Instagram analytics. This helps to increase the post reach and will eventually increase new followers.

Content for Instagram stories

Instagram stories are the most popular tools among all other tools. It gained over 300 million users within a year of its launch. Use pictures to frame the stories rather than words. They speak 1000 times more and louder than the words.

Display the Instagram profile at live events

This helps to drive awareness among members of target audience. Especially these audience participating in such events belong to media, communication, marketing and other industries that are open to connecting with new people and new brands.

Embed Instagram onto the website

Embed every post being fed into the Instagram account is embedded to the website as well. This helps to bring followers through search engines.

Offer discounted prices to the followers

Use coupon or code. Share it only with Instagram followers. One can use a sophisticated e – commerce systems that can determine if the customer is an Instagram follower to offer the discount price. If the person does not have such access, he can simply share messages about the incentives.

Share company announcements on Instagram first

In order to encourage new followers and to engage the existing followers, one should share every update related to the company on Instagram first.

Content campaign

Develop a campaign that links to the Instagram profile. Create content pieces that are features in relevant publications and industry blogs.

The above Instagram buy followers guide not only helps to bring more followers but also helps to boost the sale of the new product.